Structured Cabling

The new situation in telecommunications and cabling generated important changes both in our needs and in the requirements of businesses and organizations. Any company that wishes to keep up with the digital era must follow progress, starting with the infrastructure of its own organization. A conventional cabling system not only fails to respond to ever increasing needs, but is also a blocker for productivity. Structured cabling would be a solution that could enable the application of new technologies in the field of communication. C2 Technologies offers integrated solutions for the design, implementation and documentation of structured cabling systems with the following advantages:
  • Fast data, voice and video transmission.
  • Independent applications and appliances.
  • Support of current and future applications.
  • Potential for expansion and flexibility with restructuring.
  • Economy in the cost generated by additional solutions to traditional cabling.
  • Standardization resulting in simplification and uniform addressing of appliance connection.
  • Quality and performance specifications.
A solution to the problem of cabling in a company, ranging from a simple workstation to a sophisticated project, such as a factory with various departments, can be provided by the specialized and certified staff of C2 Technologies that utilize knowledge and experience and follow international standards in order to provide the following services of structured cabling:
  • Installation of subsystems of horizontal cabling and backbone cabling using channels and means of transmission in accordance with EIA/TIA – 568A standards. This includes installation of fiber optics, termination and connection to patch panels.
  • Installation of connectors, patch panels, patch cords, and racks.
  • Installation of ends at the appropriate places depending on the workstations and the terminal equipment (telephones, peripherals)
  • Grounding of communications / control and power cables.
  • Cable Labeling
  • Fire Protection/Detection Systems, access control and central control.
By using products of top manufacturers and implementing high-standard solutions C2 Technologies contributes to company upgrading and modernization. Besides, modern infrastructures and innovative strategies lead to higher productivity and a strong/ competitive presence in the market.