The primary role of information in modern digital era has made it as important as the traditional factors of production. In parallel, it has incurred dramatic changes in business organization and administration. The potential of digital recording and management of corporate data, the use of networks and the Internet for organizing any kind of transactions and communicating with suppliers, customers, and associates have been the main factors of progress and success of businesses since the end of last century. Nowadays, the digital integration of a company is not enough any more, if it does not offer directness and flexibility at a satisfactory level. The term mobility describes a “wireless company”, a company that is flexible, in a position to function from any place, anytime, providing interconnection that surpasses any physical barrier.

C2 Technologies designs and implements integrated solutions and brings a new reality to your company. The physical positioning of individuals, appliances, and applications is no longer a restriction.

Taking into account the needs and keeping costs as low as possible, the experts of C2 Technologies alter existing structures and conventional working methods by widening the physical limits, as well as the perspectives of companies and organizations. Specifically, they provide the following services:
  • Interconnection of all offices and branches of the company, which enables the transmission of data, sound and video. Jointly with the customer we select solutions using the telephone network, leased communication lines or mobile telephone networks.
  • Interconnection of the company staff with branch ERP’s for direct access to corporate data. Working from home, the road or the office of a customer, the staff is equipped with the appropriate appliances (laptops, palmtops, pocket PC’s, mobile phones) and utilizes hardware and wireless network communication technologies (ADSL and WiFi), thus saving the company time and money.
  • Implementation of a VPN offering solutions for issues of communication, organization, information management and diffusion, thus providing the same level of security with private networksflexibility and cost saving.
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