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Over the last quarter of the 20th century there have been very fast evolution in technology and telecommunications field ever. Impressive leaps were made mainly in the application of such evolution.

Progress continues in the beginning of the 21st century. It is becoming the main component of development and evolution for businesses.

This is the reason why we get informed, we integrate and apply all developments, new products, technologies, and solutions occurring worldwide. 

Thanks to this ability, Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise, one of the most important companies in telecommunications field in the world, trusted us to become their Business PARTNER with specialization on Contact Centers & Added Value Services. Thus, as of April 2007, the services we provide can cater for your every need with extra security and reliability.

In C2 Technologies, we use:

  • Excellent know-how
  • expert staff
  • ongoing update in developments
  • and great love for our scope

to drive you safely to the future.

Because in C2 Technologies, we provide you with what you really need,  successful solutions, actual results and net profit.

We stand by you to cover your every need relating to new technologies and telecommunications. Network design, security (both natural and data), mobility, service, upgrading, and management of the entire required know-how or information, you name it and we do it.

We start by offering you integrated solutions and services that cover vertically every need you may have, from necessary telephone exchange, management and the necessary cable infrastructure (structured cabling), to the most sophisticated needs of voice & data integration.

Among a number of innovations we use our knowledge to suggest pioneer and competitive solutions that would make you lead the new market in full security.

In C2 Technologies we know how to make evolution happen.